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Samuel Minale

Samuel is a Computer Scientist Entrepreneur who has so many experiences in Software Development, Programming, and Network fields and he is fully confident in his skills especially on Mobile and Web APPs development.

Currently, Samuel is the CEO of his own company called sheger Apps which is established in 2014 GC to develop mobile Apps and Games for Ethiopia and to the world. Formerly shegerApps was called Helpful Apps. Both names are using by this company interchangeably.

Sheger Apps is a private company whose aim is to provide mobile Application based solutions that enhance productivity, efficiency, and general performance of businesses for Ethiopia and to the rest of the world.

Samuel is also a president of Alphabtis Technology PLC which is based in Ethiopia to develop software’s for Ethiopian market.

Samuel is also a Proactive, Confident with a Positive CAN-DO attitude including creative problem-solving abilities.

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