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Reverse Math – Think Twice (4Anyone Kids + Adults)


Reverse Math – Think Twice (4Anyone Kids + Adults)

Reverse math in a single player mode has 500 unique levels with 10 randomly generated questions within each level

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This App has Single and Two Player Mode!!

Single Player Mode: Reverse Math

Reverse math in a single player mode has 500 unique levels with 10 randomly generated questions within each level. And to pass to the next level the user(student) has to answer at list 7 questions correctly and the score of the user will be given 1 star, 2 stars or 3 stars based on the correctly answered questions, after that the next level will be unlocked for the user which will be more difficult than the previous levels and this will have used to increase the thinking ability and speed of thinking of the user especially for children the APP will increase their Mathematical thinking ability.
And also, when the user of the App wins and pass to the next level the user will be given unique quotes which are quoted by different world class known mathmagicians so this will inspire users to be the next mathematician.
Some of the rules of the game
– The more you play the difficulty level will increase
– When you score above 1800 you will get extra Hint
– To pass to the next level you must Answer at list 7 out of 10 Questions
– If you give correct answers quickly you will get more score
– To play the next level you have to win the last unlocked level
– You will have 1 minute to answer for easy questions and the minute will increase for heavier questions

Two Players: Reverse Math

The way of playing is the same with the single player mode but in this option, Two users can play the math questions in a computational way.
The users can select difficulty level of the questions which are Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard, Genius and Insane Levels which are sorted on their difficulty levels and the time to answer for one question will be based on the difficulty levels from twenty seconds to a maximum of three minutes.
To use or to play the App the two players will hold every end of their Android enabled device or phones and they will be asked exactly the same 10 math questions and the user who answer quicker than his opponent will be the winner.
And the App will congratulate the winner who scores more this makes the players think the answer before the time given to the question is elapsed and quicker than their opponent.

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